The Best Cure

I learned the other day that the best cure for having a bad day is to do something for someone else. Look, I was having the worst day on Tuesday. Things just seemed like they couldn’t be worse. I know they could have, but at the time I was just down in the dumps.

So I did something a little different. Instead of just staying in my bad mood. I decided to run a special for my members at Social Viral Profits. So I set up a life-time membership for next to nothing. I didn’t do it for the money. If anything I lost money. Sure the little boost is nice, but I wanted to let the members who saw what a deal it was,  to get a deal from me and never have to pay anything else again. I live my life kinda based on karma. Do something good and one day it will come back to you in a good way. Do something bad, and you know whats coming back.

I shut everything down and went to the movies with my family. Movies are my escape from things. When I came back I was blown away at the sheer number of people who saw it for what it was, a crazy good deal for them. A lot of people took action and got the life-time membership and it put a big smile back on my face. Not because of the money that was generated, but because of all the members who trusted me enough to spend their hard earned money with me.

To me that is the best cure for what ails you, doing something for someone else. Even if you are in the worst mood ever. Do something for someone else and I guarantee you will feel good about what you did and things will change for you.

The same can be applied to your own business. If things are moving for you, do something different. Do something for your members or clients, that you normally don’t do. Give your members or clients and amazing deal. Show them that you do care about their business and someday your business will prosper from it. Might be immediately, might be next month. Now go do something to make your situation better.