Team ProfitPro Entrepreneur of the Week

Entrepreneur of the Week

I am very honored and surprised at being named Entrepreneur of the Week by John Bell at Team ProfitPro. This means a lot to me that they would consider me and take the time to add me to their list of entrepreneurs. I certainly want to thank John Bell and commend him on the things he is doing with Team ProfitPro,, and

For those of you who are interested in the interview I did, you can see it at Team ProfitPro.

I have a lot going on here at home headquarters. I am working on a new training program designed for absolute beginners. Those who wish to have their very own site. As of right now I am in the middle of shooting the tutorials and I am getting close to the end.

I still don’t quite have a title for it yet, but it will be available at JVZoo soon.

I am also in the process of getting ready to move. I believe we have found the house, now just a matter of doing the details. If everything goes according to plan we should start the move on the 21st or 22nd.

I like helping people, so I am going to be moving more of my focus to creating training that will help people. I enjoy doing it and if I can really help people get their start online then I should do it. This isn’t going to be about starting your own traffic exchange. There are enough of those to go around. This will be about building an evergreen business that can be molded with the times.