Paranormal Traffic Now Has Badges

50 Badge100 Badge250 Badge500 Badge1000 Badge
Paranormal Traffic has been opened for almost two years and I had been wanting to get incremental badges for the site for a long time. Well, I finally got off my butt and got them.

You can surf and collect them everyday and as soon as I get a hold of the programmer they will have CTP XP attached to them. So each time you collect a badge you will get XP awarded.

I am also going to have a private messaging system added as well. With the private messaging system you will be able to contact your referrals and that can be really helpful. You could send them a message telling them you sent them some credits and encourage them to surf. You earn a percentage of credits for them surfing.


If you don’t know what Paranormal Traffic is or why you would want to collect badges, then you are missing out on traffic and fun. Paranormal Traffic is a site where you can get traffic for any site you need traffic to. That could be your own website or blog, affiliate offer, YouTube video, or really just about anything that needs traffic.

It is free to join and you can advertise your offer for free. If you don’t have time, then upgrade and we will make sure you have plenty of advertising each and every month.

Paranormal Traffic



Saturday Blues

Ok, I don’t really know if there is such a thing as the Saturday Blues. My family has other things to do for my in-laws. So it is just me around the house today. I did a small redesign of the members area of and some more advertising for the two traffic exchanges.

I have big plans for both TE’s and I can’t wait to implement them. I added TE-Promos badges to Social Viral Profits, so now you can surf to earn cash and collect their badges. I also added a course in the members area that will teach you HTML5. I think it is important to know the basics if you are advertising websites. You can learn to create some really great ads or websites.

Social Viral Profits is looking strong for being open less than a month. I am really happy with the results. I am going to pour a lot of time into developing this site. So the version you see now, will not be the final version of the site.

Have a great weekend.