New Additions To My Business

I have added some new additions to my office/business. I have been working off an iMac that is a 2009 model and although it runs fine, it doesn’t have the latest tech. So I do a lot of shopping at pawn shops, you can always find good deals.

I found a 2015 21in iMac that is practically brand new for $750. It has 8gb ram and a 1 tb hard drive. I also found a 13.3in Macbook Pro for $500 so I grabbed that up as well. That one will go to the wife. I already have a Macbook Pro.

To me those are great deals all day long.

New iMac

When You Know You have The Right Spouse

Ok, the subject line of the post might piss some people off, just know this article is just me having some fun.

I knew the day I married my wife that she was a keeper. So what I am about to say is all in good fun. So, with that said, this is when you now you have met and married the right person.

2016 FLSTC

Yes, my wife bought me a 2016 Harley Davidson Softail Heritage Classic or 2016 FLSTC for those of you who know their Harley’s. I had been wanting one for some time now. So when my wife told me that she was good to go on getting one, I jumped right on it and rode it home (after a long day of paper work and getting the figures just right of course).

It is official, I have the best wife in the world.

Joy Riding

I picked up my Harley today from the shop, after having 16 in. ape hangers installed. I arrived ready to pick it up today at 2pm. When I got inside they told me there was a problem. My heart sank a little further into my chest.

They told me they were bleeding the front brakes and they weren’t getting brake fluid to pump through the new brake lines. They told they had spent the last hour pumping and the master cylinder was not emptying the brake fluid.

I thought great, it’s Saturday and they are closed on Monday, so it will be Tuesday before I get my bike. They told me they would keep at it, but there were just two hours before they closed. I watched them work on it for about another hour, when one of the guys got up shaking his head and went to his tool box for a big screw driver. He then took off the brake caliper from the front tire and stuck his screw driver between the two brake pads and the fluid came rushing out.

He kinda laughed and said its fixed. They filled it up with brake fluid and took it out for the test drive. I was so happy to see the bike when he came back and gave me the thumbs up. I paid a lot of cash, like you do anytime you are having work done on a Harley and suited up for my ride.

I will admit it was strange to ride with such big handle bars. I was a little nervous at first taking my first turn, but once I got down the road a few miles it all started to feel like I wanted it to feel. I admit it does look a little strange, but I got a huge smile on my face when an MC club pulled up at the Harley shop and they all went over to my bike to take a look. They asked if they were 16’s? I told them yeah, I just got them installed today. They liked it and asked where I got them done at.

I did not have them done at Harley because I was told they did not have 16 in Ape Hangers for the 2012 Sportster. But they did tell me about a shop where I could get them done, The Hogg Shoppe.

I had a few extra cards and gave them to the MC club that was checking out my bike. I spent the day riding and got used to them fairly quick. I can’t wait to get back on it tomorrow.