Cool Way To Build Your List

I have a low cost method that I have been using for years that will help build your list. This stuff is not rocket science, although some marketers will try to make you believe it is and buy their training. You just really need the right tools and some content.

One of the tools you need is your own domain name and hosting. I offer a fantastic service that I offer to my private clients, web hosting for $5 a month, including backups. You jus need to get a domain name from a place like Namecheap or Godaddy.

In the video below you will see the other tool you’ll want to get that builds your list.


WP List Build

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Build Your List With Our Free Software

One thing that slows everyone down when it comes to building lists is making a good, quality giveaway. Whether you type into the wee small hours making a report …or have to do take after take trying to get a video just right, it is a laborious process.

Good news, then, that Val Wilson has made his latest giveaway listbuilding giveaway available so that anyone can use it to build lists AND make sales.

And even better, it’s not just a simple report, it’s niche marketing software – and as everyone knows, software has a MUCH higher perceived value, so works incredibly well as an optin ‘bribe’.

And there’s more!

You don’t just get giveaway and resale rights…it’s fully rebrandable!

In just a couple of clicks you can make the affiliate links inside the dashboard your own – so when someone clicks through the links in your copy, you can earn up to $40!

The product itself is 100% original, not some crappy PLR.

It’s a series of 7 niche research videos (set up in a software dash) teaching exactly how to find a profitable niche. Great content that your subscribers will love… and that you can learn from yourself.

Oh… I saved the best news till last. For a limited period, he is letting you have this FOR FREE – Yes, that includes full rebranding rights!


One Click Signups

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could put one click signups buttons inside your Tweets? Of course it would. How about if you could put one click signups in your tweets for free? That would be awesome!

Well now is your chance. TweetLead is beta testing their new tool and have invited us to get a life-time  free account and start using their tool.

So how does it work?


1. Create your Twitter opt-in with just a few clicks

2. Connect it to your autoresponder – we support them all

3. Publish on Twitter – works on every account & device!


We’re currently in beta, which is why we’re giving away free lifetime access to everyone who wants it.