A Great Way To Get Your Website In Front Of A Live Audience

SweevaWant your site seen in a live audience setting? Wouldn’t that be a great way to get traffic for your website? There is a live event where everyone views the same site one after another and you can bid credits to have your own site shown to everyone on the live conference. It’s a well known site called Sweeva.com and every Thursday as it stands now.

Sweeva.com is a cool site, one of a kind. It is totally different from your regular traffic exchange. With your normal TE visitors don’t see the same exact site as everyone else. Plus their is asocial element to it. Members can comment, bookmark, tweet, and get live feedback on your site. The Sweeva surf party is fun. It gets pretty competitive in there, so you’ll need plenty of credits to get your site site during the 1 hour live show.

It’s a great place to show your stuff. Don’t wait and save all your credits for that one hours show. Get your site up there and run it as much as you can. Get feedback from the members of Sweeva and take that feedback and either use it or disregard it. The members there are great, they won’t rip you up so don’t worry. It’s is my go to TE when I launch a new ad. I want their feedback on whether I hit it out of the park or not.

If you have your own site, whether it is a traffic exchange, affiliate product, or just a blog, it’s a good idea to see how it stacks up. The site is owned and ran by the guys at Tim Tech

You get rewarded from rating sites, viewing sites and commenting on sites. This is the easiest way to promote any site you have ever wanted too. So head over there and get signed up, it doesn’t cost you anything. Sweeva