Whirl Wind Day

Today was a super busy day. It started at 6;30 this morning with the addition of “Private Messaging” being added to Social Viral Profits. Once I got in to test it I found it had error codes all over the place. So had to submit a support ticket to get that fixed. Once that was taken care of I could breathe a little.

It’s kind of bad when you announce a new tool to all your members and the dang thing throws out error codes everywhere.

Then we found out we had been set up on the TE Command Post, which is a cool tool for members to keep track of their credits at their favorite TE’s. So I had to let everyone know about that.

Tomorrow, which is in a couple of hours, Social Viral Profits will host the third segment of the CannonBall Run at TE Racing League. Another cool place to advertise your site. Stop by if you got time and check it out.

If you’d like to become a member of Social Viral Profits, where you can advertise your business and make commissions come on by and sign up. It’s free to get started. We have so much to offer, good admin and a lot of active members.

Tomorrow I will talk about the advantages of using Social Viral Profits, stop by and find out how we can help your business. We just launched last week and we already have members making commissions, and the traffic we are generating is awesome.