Welcome To ShonJimenez.com

Hello and welcome to ShonJimenez.com, we are glad to have you here. This site isn’t new, no it’s been around since 2009 or so. It has taken many shapes over time. Although, it may look new, it is not. I was hacked late in 2012 and they totally destroyed the site. So I decided to start from scratch.

Even though all the content is gone, I am happy. I wasn’t so happy with the direction the site had taken, so it’s nice to start fresh again. So what will this site be about? I am an online business overrun, local marketing pro, internet marketing pro, and as of right now I am learning Javascript. So this site will cover these topics and how things are going.

I own two traffic exchanges, Socialviralprofits.com and Paranormaltraffic.com. I also own two text ad exchanges, Trafficracker.info and Easytraffic.info. These four sites take a lot of my time, but I do manage toward on other projects, like learn Javascript, help local businesses get online, and build other sites that earn me a monthly income.

One of the sources of my Monthly income is Amazon. I have 4 sites that earn me a regular check from Amazon. It is really simple. The part I have to worry about is sending traffic to those sites. That is why I built four of my own traffic sites. When visitors sign up for a free account to these sites, they also get to reap the traffic that is generated. It’s a really fun system.

Last night I signed up for a really cool Javascript course that also gives you a really cool editing tool. You can use the editor to create wordpress themes, wordpress plugins, php, html, xml, and a lot more. I can’t wait to dive into the training. This is going to help take my developing to a whole new level. Then I won’t have to hire out some of my coding any longer.

Take some time and read through this site as it comes along. You can subscribe to the site to keep up with updates or you can bookmark the site. It was great having you stop by today.