The 10 Cent Outside Tour


I was getting a little bored unpacking stuff for the house, so I grabbed my Go Pro camera and decided to shoot s hot video showing you the outside of the house we moved into. At least the front of the house.

Maybe tomorrow I will shoot the back yard, which I love. The trees give us a big shaded area and our back porch has ceiling fans, which down here in S. Texas is needed. I hated the back yard of our previous house, there was no shade and the back porch was so small.

Now, we can have some people over and have a good ole Texas BBQ. It’s getting dark here, so I will have to shoot that video tomorrow. Tomorrow we are having the alarm installed in the house, so hopefully that will be the last of the appointments for the house. I am tired of waiting on these guys to show up. I want to get out and ride…