The 10 Cent Outside Tour


I was getting a little bored unpacking stuff for the house, so I grabbed my Go Pro camera and decided to shoot s hot video showing you the outside of the house we moved into. At least the front of the house.

Maybe tomorrow I will shoot the back yard, which I love. The trees give us a big shaded area and our back porch has ceiling fans, which down here in S. Texas is needed. I hated the back yard of our previous house, there was no shade and the back porch was so small.

Now, we can have some people over and have a good ole Texas BBQ. It’s getting dark here, so I will have to shoot that video tomorrow. Tomorrow we are having the alarm installed in the house, so hopefully that will be the last of the appointments for the house. I am tired of waiting on these guys to show up. I want to get out and ride…

10 Cent Tour of Our House


I have been so busy with this move, and am completely worn out. I have been fighting with the cable company over missing channels and our internet not working. So I thought I would do something different than unpack.

I made a quick video of the inside of our house. We still have tons of unpacking to do, and we still have stuff in storage that has to come to the house. We plan on doing a garage sale to clear out some of our junk.

I need to get back to work, but can’t really do anything till the internet is fixed. Luckily the internet guy is here now. So see you guys probably tomorrow.