It’s Friday!

It is my favorite day of the week, Friday. I always look forward to Friday’s. Saturday is good, but then I know the weekend is half over. With Friday, it’s just getting started.

This was a good week. Got lot’s of work done. Got all the members awards done. So know I have time to get back in to creation mode. I have a few things I have been woking on for a while, slowly, at my own pace. The bad thing is someone else just launched a site that was one of those things I was working on. So I guess it’s true, the early bird gets the worm, or whatever.

I had been working on a site that would help people build their CTP, Kore4 and CSN business. I swear, I had been working on since March. Then just the other day Eric Goettman releases PayItKoreward, which is basically the same as the program as I was working on. So I am either going to scrap it, or add something to it to make it different.

There actually are some difference, mine shows you what traffic exchanges to use to build your business, whereas, PayItKoreward doesn’t. Plus it also builds downlines for you in those traffic exchanges. So there are already some differences. Plus mine is totally free to join, no upgrades. For disclosure purposes, I am an upgraded member in PayItKoreward and think it’s a fantastic program.

So maybe all is not lost. I will have to mull it over some more to see if I want to release it. I don’t have the design for it yet or else I would just let you go check it out.

The other project I am working on is going public with my Amazon Affiliates Consultation business. I am already helping people get set up in there own Amazon affiliate business, so I decided I will formally announce it and build a site for it. What the service will offer is coaching you on creating an Amazon affiliate income, build a site for you and have products automatically uploaded each day for you. Of course you will be able to add any product at any time. The site alone is valued at $500, but I am going to charge just $100 one-time. Amazon charges $99 a month for their own service and they are going to spend half the time I am with the client.

The coaching will basically include everything from buying a domain name, setting up hosting, working in your cPanel, learning WordPress, email marketing, and how to use the new website that is set up. I think that’s a lot of value for $100. The domain name and hosting is not included, but I have a very good program that will give you everything you need, hosting, video producing software, conference room, and autoresponder, all this is included for about $10 a month.

All training will be done in my live training room, where I will screen share with the client. I think this is the best way to teach if you’re not in the same room with the person you are trying to teach.

I am already scheduling right now to get a jump start. If this is something you are interested in send me an email to [email protected] or Skype me at shon.jimenez

Don’t You Just Hate It

Don’t you just hate it when you know you can help someone and that just won’t take the steps necessary? It bothers me to no end when I know what I am telling them will work. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.

I guess I take things to personal. I see people in chats across many site asking how do I make money? I have answered them many times and given them the blueprint, but 99% of them won’t do it because it cost something. Yeah, duh. You can’t reasonably expect to make money online without having to spend money. Whether it is on advertising, systems, or tools, you will have to spend money. I have never seen anyone who became successful never spending a dime in their business.

Believe me I wish there was a away I could keep al my hard earned money and not invest it in my business, but that is just not reality. You got to have a product or service to promote, you need a group of people to promote to, and you need advertising. At the minimum you need those three things to have a business.

You don’t actually have to own the product or service, you can become an affiliate of someone else’s product or service. I can hook you up with many products to become an affiliate of, just subscribe to the right and I will help get you started. So that takes care of that one.

So now you need an audience to promote your offer to, and that requires an autoresponder. Rocketresponder is the best in the business to go with. It’s a one-flat fee system and you can have unlimited subscribers, which is what you want. Plus they are constantly making their service better.

Join Rocketresponder

Now you need traffic so you can start sending people to your list and then be able to market to them. There is a near perfect program that gives you a lot of advertising in some of the top traffic exchanges, which is perfect for what we are going to have you do. Plus you can also become an affiliate of theirs and start earning some additional income. There is a two step process to this part. If you are already a member of the first site, then just move on to the second site. If not, then sign up at the first one and then go to the second one and get signed up, but you will also need to upgrade in the second one. That is key to getting all that cool advertising I mentioned earlier.

Click Track Profit


Once you have completed those steps, contact me on Skype at shon.jimenez and yes you need Skype. You are moving up to the big leagues so we are going to be using big league tools. Just send me a quick pm on Skype letting me know you are set up. Then our journey will begin and I am going to show you how to start earning some money and how you can grow it into a thriving business.