When You Know You have The Right Spouse

Ok, the subject line of the post might piss some people off, just know this article is just me having some fun.

I knew the day I married my wife that she was a keeper. So what I am about to say is all in good fun. So, with that said, this is when you now you have met and married the right person.

2016 FLSTC

Yes, my wife bought me a 2016 Harley Davidson Softail Heritage Classic or 2016 FLSTC for those of you who know their Harley’s. I had been wanting one for some time now. So when my wife told me that she was good to go on getting one, I jumped right on it and rode it home (after a long day of paper work and getting the figures just right of course).

It is official, I have the best wife in the world.

Getting 16 In Ape Hangers Installed Today

I have been wanting to get some Ape Hangers ever since I bought this bike back in 2012. I finally bit the bullet and ordered the parts, $300, and dropped it off at the Hogg Shop. Got a call to come in and get fitted for them. So I took a pic while it is still being worked on.

I can’t wait to get this baby on the road.

If you own a motorcycle, send me your pics. I would love to put them up on the blog. You can send them to [email protected]

Be sure to tell me the bike info and your name.