Gun Control Doesn’t Matter

Gun control doesn't work

Every so often we have a mass shooting in the United States ad within minutes the usual suspects are breaking their necks to call for more gun control. It never fails. The left never lets an opportunity go to waste. The Texas church shooting was no different.

Leading the calls for more gun control is the left leaning major media. Of course CNN leads the way when jumping on a mass shooting, you’ll find Don Lemon and his minions reporting misleading information in order to get its audience up in a frenzy on gun control.

The media spent all day after the attack rhetorically asking whether now was the time for more gun control.  CNN’s Jim Acosta repeatedly asked if President Trump is, “Content . . . with these mass shootings exploding every month or so.”

If the media waited even a few hours, they would have learned that their calls for regulations — primarily for “universal” background checks — wouldn’t have stopped this attack. Indeed, their proposals wouldn’t have stopped any of the other mass public shootings in the last couple decades.  Kelley bought a gun at a gun store, and he passed the background check that the store conducted on him. Lying on the form doesn’t help you evade the computer background check.

Of course you’ll also find the democrats jumping all over the opportunity. Democratic Senators such as Dick Durbin (Ill.), Richard Blumenthal (Conn.), Bob Casey (Pa.), Dianne Feinstein (Calif.), and Kamala Harris (Calif.) all immediately made statements that were various versions of, “Congress must act.”

One has to look in only one place to see that more gun control isn’t the answer, Chicago. Chicago has some of the most strict gun laws in America, yet they lead all of the country in gun related murders. Why doesn’t Obama care about Chicago?

CNN calls Texas gun laws relaxed. Relaxed? I own 8 firearms. I had to go through 8 federal background checks before I was allowed to purchase each firearm. Nothing relaxed about that. What is needed in Texas is free and open carry. Thank God for the citizen who confronted the mass murderer and ultimately ended the shooting. If some of those church goers had a firearm on them at the time, less lives would have been lost.

Gun control is not about stopping the mass shootings. It’s about disarming its citizens. A disarmed citizen is much easier to control. The 2nd Amendment is a fundamental right of every citizen to bear arms. We should not let the government or a bunch of snowflakes disarm us. They will nit pick our gun rights apart, piece by piece. First it’ll be bump stocks, then it will be magazine capacities, then it’ll be AR-15’s and so on. Don’t give them anything. This is worth fighting for.

This is a fight we should be willing to go to war over.



Where Are The Gun Control Nuts Now?

On Friday evening a Harris County Sheriff’s deputy was executed while pumping gas in his patrol car by a coward who had to sneak up behind the deputy and shoot him in the back of the head. Then the coward stood over the deputy and shot him several more times as he laid on the ground.

After two days of watching the news coverage, I have not heard one person come out from the left talking about gun control. But immediately after the reporter and cameraman was gunned down every gun control nut came out of the wood work. What does this tell you?

To me it says they (the left) don’t care about law enforcement officers. Why aren’t more people upset about this. They sure get worked up when a thug gets shot and killed. Hell, they take to the streets, loot and burn everything down to the ground when a thug dies. So why is it when an officer or deputy, is gunned down in cold blood by a coward, that people don’t take to the streets?

I have my opinions on this, but I will keep those to myself. What about race? Do you think maybe they are not coming out and demanding more gun control because it was a black man who gunned down a white man, so maybe they don’t care or are not bothered about it as much?

I can tell you this, if people don’t wake up and take a stand, more thugs like this will start gunning down more officers, and maybe yourself.

I own guns, and hate gun control. It doesn’t work. No laws you put on the books, will stop a criminal from committing crimes. They don’t care about your laws. The only people it will affect, are law abiding citizens. How hard is it for you to understand that? Gun control will never stop someone who is intent on doing evil.

People like me are never going to stand for you coming into our homes and taking our guns. It will be a bitter battle to the end. So keep your gun control to yourself, we don’t want to hear it, it will never happen. More and more states are adopting open carry. Just look at my great state,Texas. We finally passed open carry this year.

You want to stop the murders in America, stop the illegal aliens from coming into our country, deport them when they get caught, lock up these thugs who are dealing drugs and robbing people and give them longer sentences. Loosen laws in states whose gun laws prohibit law abiding citizens from even having firearms. This will allow people to be able to protect themselves from the predator thugs who prey on the weak.

Allowing more law abiding citizens have guns is not going to increase crime. It’s been proven time and time again. Look at the states who have the strictest gun laws and you will find they have a higher crime rate, murder rate then states who allow their citizens to have their guns.

Do what you want, but I am keeping my guns, all 8 of them, and will be able to defend my life while you become a statistic.