Join Get Fit Skype Group

Facts are people lose more weight when they have someone to help them along in the process. I have just started a Get Fit Skype group for just that reason. Don’t go it alone.

Join me and other people who are going through the process of getting healthy again. We are here for you. Your are welcome to chat about your experience with losing weight or working out. Tell us what works for you.

This is also the only place you can get a $1 trial to our fitness program. We have full service workout and diet program. You can set up a Fit Profile and measure your progress set up a recipe and menu builder, use our food tracker and more.

The workout videos are great and can be viewed in the comfort of your own home. We make it as easy and comfortable as possible to get fit. Go ahead and join our Skype group below.

Skype Group

7 Minute Workout Is Fantastic


I joined 7 Minute Workout back in 2011 when it launched and was pumped up about not having to go to the gym anymore. I was really excited about it. So were a lot of other people. 7 Minute Workout really took off in a way that I honestly didn’t expect.

I got in the members area and filled out my online profile, which helps build the workout program for you according to your answers. It’s called My Fit Profile. There is also a section that tracks your progress. It is amazing when you can see the real results as they happen and see where you used to be.

The workouts are great. They are all on video. You get a workout calendar online that you follow. If you find that the workout is to hard or to easy, you can change the workout to fit what is comfortable to you.

There is also a Food Tracker, Recipe and Menu Builder, Live Webcasts, Weight Tracker,  and an Activity Tracker. You get everything you need to get healthy again, all while working out just 7 minutes a day, every other day.

For those who want to get in the fitness business there is an option for that as well. You’ll get Promotional Tools, such as banners, and ad copy. You also get a company website you can promote, including splash pages, and access to the member only Facebook Group.

The Affiliate Tools are really good. You’ll get to:

View Your Customers

View Your Organization

Email Your Organization

See your Commissions

Your Leads

Email Your Leads

CPA System

With 7 Minute Workout you can get healthy in body and financially. There really is no better way. There are so many things that I have not mentioned that come with the membership. It would take just to long.

So who is 7 Minute Workout for?

Really it is for anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle, who doesn’t have time to go to the gym. This is also for people who would like a way to earn a real income online. It really isn’t that hard to start a profitable business with 7 Minute Workout.

You just have to decide to take control and take action.  Join today