Surf On

Widget QUICKYou can now surf on and earn advertising credits. This is something I found while surfing the internet. It is called Widget Quick. It’s kind of cool. I still want you to surf and but while you’re here you can do some surfing and earn credits for your own advertising.

This can be added to any site, so if you want to grab your own, check out Widget Quick. It is really simple to sign up and add to your own site. It is really easy if you use WordPress. Just add it as a widget on the sidebar, or create a page and add the javascript to the Text side of the editor and save it. Boom you have a basic traffic exchange that doesn’t cost you $300 or more to get set up.

Really you can turn any website you own into a traffic exchange. Surf it your self so you can earn credits to advertise your websites on Widget Quick. That’s all for tonight, I have a lot of stuff to do for my other sites.

Have a good one,

Shon Jimenez