Don’t Try This At Home

I like buying things off as much as I can. You can find some great deals. So when my wife asked me to get her an elliptical machine for her to workout, I figured that this would be a great time to check Groupon and see if I can save some money.

I went to the Groupon site and did a search for elliptical’s and found several to choose from. The price ranged anywhere from $399 to $2200. I had wanted the BowFlex Max Trainer personally and they run about $1700 for the M5, which is the mid level machine, but she thought that machine would be to difficult for her. So I found the Freemotion e5.5 elliptical for $599, which is great cuz if she loses interest in it I won’t be out to much money. Like I said I personally wanted the Max Trainer, I would have used that baby also. I paid the $599, and they offered a set up service for an additional $99, which I passed on. I would later regret that decision.

So I ordered it and received it and received it today. The box it came in weighed about 350 lbs and was about 7 ft long. The driver who delivered it said he would only help me get it inside the front door, no further. So we dragged it in and it was not easy. That thing felt like a ton.

I opened the box thinking that it would be mostly assembled, wrong. It came in about 20 pieces. I assembled all the pieces in the room it was to be set up in. I wasn’t in the mood to put it together, so I left it and took a nap. Once my wife got home I showed what we were up against and started to attempt to put it together. It was a b&#%&. You have to lift it up and attach to brackets, which are impossible to do by yourself. I spent about 3 hours getting those two pieces on with the help of my wife.

I finally gave up when I could’ figure out which bolts they wanted me to use to put the dashboard on with. The bolts looked nothing like the instruction manual pics. I came to the conclusion that this wasn’t going to happen. Luckily they included a number to their set up service. I gave them a call at 11:15pm and the very nice lady who answered said that will be $187 to have someone come out to put it together. I said what happened to the $99 service? Well, you only get that when you are ordering. After that you pay full retail.

I was also informed that it was a two man job, duh. So the moral of the story is when you are offered a set up service in the initial order, take it. I wish I had. I can usually put stuff together with no problem, but I should have realized this was going to be more than I could handle. I could have spent that 3 hours playing Xbox or something.

Taking Care of Business

Let me start by saying if you’re going to open a business, take care of your business. Treat it like a business and NOT a hobby. If you want a hobby, then start a hobby. A business is opened to provide goods or services for a fee. If you start a business then there are things you need to be able to do.

  1. Invest in your business
  2. Promote your business
  3. Pay your bills
  4. Reinvest your profits back into your business

The number one thing you must do when you open a business is invest some cash into your business to make it stand out from what other people are doing. If your just going to be like everyone else, why open the business.

Now that you have invested in your business and have it up and running, you are going to want to promote your business. You need to get people to come to your business and join and spend money. You need to promote your business everyday. People have a short memory, so they need to be reminded that your business is here and open.

Pay your damn bills. Nothing will ruin your reputation faster than not paying your bills. If you have an affiliate program and you owe commissions, pay them according to your term and services. If you don’t have specific terms on how you payout commissions then you need to. It needs to be spelled out how your partners are supposed to be paid.

Now you have your business up and running, your getting traffic, making sales, and paying your commissions, you need to reinvest your profits back into your business. What? You mean I can’t spend my money on toys? Nope, for the 1st year or so, you need to reinvest most if not all of your profits back into your business to keep it fresh.

Unless, you are just killing it, making mad profits, then you can spend some of that cash. But make sure your business is properly funded, keep your customer, affiliates happy.

Certainly there is more to running a business, but if you follow those 4 rules, you will be way ahead of most of the crowd.


Cool Way To Build Your List

I have a low cost method that I have been using for years that will help build your list. This stuff is not rocket science, although some marketers will try to make you believe it is and buy their training. You just really need the right tools and some content.

One of the tools you need is your own domain name and hosting. I offer a fantastic service that I offer to my private clients, web hosting for $5 a month, including backups. You jus need to get a domain name from a place like Namecheap or Godaddy.

In the video below you will see the other tool you’ll want to get that builds your list.


WP List Build

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