What I Learned This Week

Light BulbI had a busy week again this past week. I worked on my sites, surfed many sites, and attended a few web conferences. So here is what I learned this week.

I learned that branding is so important to business success. I mean I knew about it before but didn’t really take it to heart. From now on I am going to work on branding myself and my business. I also learned the value of my members, they are invaluable. I learned I need to give more than I receive, it all works out in the end.

One big lesson I learned and one that has held my business back is to not listen and base business decisions because one or two people say it will hurt your business. For a while I resisted getting involved with a certain business because I had a couple people tell me they will leave my traffic exchange if I get involved with that business. This is how this came about. I made a tweet to a person who is connected with that business one day about connecting with them, and within 20 minutes I had been removed from one Skype group and was told by that person they were quitting my TE. Another person replied to that tweet and said how can I support that business and that they were leaving my site as well.

So I quickly removed that tweet and contacted those two people and told them I would not be pursuing a relationship with that business and ask them to come back. So I was let back into the Skype group/Facebook group, and got the two members back. I was sort of mad as hell and never went attended another meeting of theirs nor been back to their Facebook group. I was going to let them basically run how I did business.

So I went on even though I wanted to do business with that person, but I was to afraid of what would happen if I did. Well after a while of not growing my business like I know it could be growing I decided to heck with that, I’m going to run my business how I want to run it. I’m tired of seeing so many other TE’s doing business with them and reaping the rewards.

So even though I may lose some members, I believe the return will be far greater than the risk. So I am announcing now, that I am doing business with Jon Olson and Tim Tech. I would be crazy not to. The guy knows his stuff. So I have added XP to Socialviralprofits.com and will be adding tiered badges as soon as I can. I have started using Rocketresponder as my autoresponder. I was using Trafficwave but feel Rocketresponder better suits my business.

I don’t know about their past dealings and what went on with a PTC site they owned. I was never affected badly with any dealings with Jon Olson, as a matter of fact he seems to be a really straight up person. So to base business decisions based on heresy. I am sorry if you feel you need to stop following me or leave my membership at any or all of my sites. I have to grow my business, period. Or I will just keep pissing away money on building these sites.

I would also suggest you take a second look at their business and how it could benefit you. They are doing something right, after all their membership is huge. We need to tap into that.


Here is something else I learned this past week and I learned it from Jon Olson on his TELive show, is how to use the power of social media marketing the right way. I am talking about using Twitter the ways it was meant to be used, having short conversations with people. Not throwing up a link. Building relationships using Twitter and Facebook will take some time, it doesn’t happen overnight. But you can still leverage Twitter and Facebook to grow your business without saying “come join my website” and a link. That’s not what Twitter is for.

Post your picture in your tweets so people will get to know you. Join a conversation you see going on. Don’t talk about your business though when you join a conversation. Let your profile and hashtags do your representing of your business. Now it’s ok to tweet every once in a while that your hosting an event at your site or something like that. Just don’t be spammy, people will run from you.

Well, I learned more than that, but I am tired, and still have a lot to do today. Keep it real.


Shon Jimenez


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Socialviralprofits.com Weekly Top 25 Contest

SVPWe have started a weekly Top 25 contest for our surfers. This contest will run week to week and you only have to be in the top 25 to qualify. For the prize, two winners will be randomly picked to each win a square banner to be placed on all four of our sites for a full 30 days.

The sites that the 125×125 banner will be placed on are Socialviralprofits.com, Paranormaltraffic.com, Trafficracker.info and Easytraffic.info

The contest will run from Sunday through Saturday and the winners will be notified through our private messaging system on Socialviralprofits.com. If you want to participate you only need to be a member of Socialviralprofits.com and surf enough to be in the top 25. We do recommend joining the other 3 sites as you will get more advertising coverage.

We love giving back to our members. After all its our members who make all this possible.

You can join all 4 sites for free and upgrade if you need more advertising than what the free membership provides. All our pricing is member friendly. We don’t charge high prices because we want to give everyone the chance to upgrade. Upgraded members earn more money, credits, and random referrals.

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Don’t feel like promoting, but still want referrals? We also offer referrals you can buy. You can buy 5 referrals for less than $6. These aren’t rentals either. These will stay under you for life. Now we can’t promise how active they will be, but if just one of them take our monthly Pro upgrade or buy credits you almost earn back all of your money you paid for them. If they buy a Life-Time membership then you will earn back way more than what you invested in them.

So head over to Social Viral Profits and join.

Surf On ShonJimenez.com

Widget QUICKYou can now surf on ShonJimenez.com and earn advertising credits. This is something I found while surfing the internet. It is called Widget Quick. It’s kind of cool. I still want you to surf Socialviralprofits.com¬†and Paranormaltraffic.com but while you’re here you can do some surfing and earn credits for your own advertising.

This can be added to any site, so if you want to grab your own, check out Widget Quick. It is really simple to sign up and add to your own site. It is really easy if you use WordPress. Just add it as a widget on the sidebar, or create a page and add the javascript to the Text side of the editor and save it. Boom you have a basic traffic exchange that doesn’t cost you $300 or more to get set up.

Really you can turn any website you own into a traffic exchange. Surf it your self so you can earn credits to advertise your websites on Widget Quick. That’s all for tonight, I have a lot of stuff to do for my other sites.

Have a good one,

Shon Jimenez