My Favorite Time Of Year

BirthdayThis is my favorite time of the year. November is a special month for my family. We have four birthdays, my mother Nov 3rd, my wife Nov 9th, mine Nov 25th, and my sisters Nov 26th. Then you smack Thanksgiving in there and it’s a really good month.

I love this week. Wednesday we are leaving to go to my mothers and it’s my birthday. Thursday we have Thanksgiving and football,  and Black Friday, Saturday we have the OU vs OSU football game and we are having a birthday party for my wife’s dad at our place. So a lot going this week.

I started a Birthday special at both Paranormal Traffic and Social Viral Profits. I am doing lifetime upgrades at each site for just $44. I decided on $44 because I turn 45 this week and I don’t want to. So to commemorate 44 years of life I am passing on the gift to you. Just join and login at each site and you will see the floating banner for the Lifetime upgrade on the left side of the site.

That’s a special deal, it lasts till Tuesday at midnight. We will be running Black Friday specials but none quite like that one.

I have a lot of things in the works for both those sites, but Paranormal Traffic is getting all the attention right now. We are scheduled to get CTP badges this week for you to collect. We have the sub game every Tuesday till the end of the year. Then in March Paranormal Traffic will get a huge makeover. I am going to drop some serious coinage on that site. Right now we are keeping the details kind of secret, but their will be something special coming in March that I feel will make Paranormal Traffic a contender for being one of the top sites.

But of course I can’t do it without my members. Keep coming to the site and advertise your business. That is what the site is there for. Paranormal Traffic will be 2 years old in March and will put on its grown up pants. I can’t wait. One thing you can count on is us being there for years to come. We are in a good position to continue to grow. While we are still relatively small in membership, we are not going anywhere and I think we have shown we are not one of the many sites that pop up and disappear.

Depending on how things go with the makeover, Social Viral Profits will soon follow with a makeover.

Join Paranormal Traffic and Social Viral Profits today and become part of the family.