Dems Jump On Another Shooting Tragedy

When we have a mass shooting you are sure to hear from the democrats, and yesterday there was no shortage of them on TV. Of course the messiah of them all, Obama, said he has had enough and will be on each time there is a shooting like this, calling for more gun control.

Do democrats actually have a brain? That’s a serious question. How is enacting more laws going to stop someone from committing murder? It isn’t. Murder is already against the law, yet murder is committed on a daily basis.

Obama looked like a fool yesterday on TV. If the school wouldn’t have been a gun free zone, maybe, less people would have been killed. Being a gun free zone, did not stop the shooter from coming in and killing people. So gun free zones make no sense. More gun control makes no sense.

Look at the statistics, states with strict gun control have higher murder rates. States with less gun control have lower murder rates. I am not saying that having no sort of gun control will stop the mass murder. The state which this occurred in is an open carry state. But being an open carry state does no good if there are gin free zones.

It really is time to stop the madness and let people carry. This will help lower the amount killed in one of these crazy mass shootings.

Democrats, quit using these tragedies as political props for your own gains.