Say Hello To Zoe

I would like to introduce the newest member of our family, Zoe, pronounced Zo e. She came to us this past weekend. She looks like she wasn’t treated the best. She is underweight and somewhat skittish. We took her for her first walk with us this evening and she had a great time. I have always wanted a husky. I believe she is a mix breed. Her snout seems sort of long.

I am taking here to the vet tomorrow for a check up and to get her shots. She was found with a belt around her neck wondering around the neighborhood. We will see if the previous owners come forward. If I were them I wouldn’t want to.



Fun Weekend in Houston


I took my wife and daughter to see Slipknot and Lamb of God this past weekend in Houston and had a great time. The music was great. We drove down Friday morning, checked in to a suite and was taken to the concert by the hotel, so we did not have to worry about parking.

The show started at 6:20 pm and finished around 11 pm. We have seen those two bands 4 or 5 times and they just kick ass. We stayed Friday night and came back Saturday. The traffic on the HWY was terrible. It took us two and a half hours to go 60 miles on I-10. We then got on HWY 77 and spent about 3 more hours till we made it home.

Got home and found the cable was out in my daughters room, so I called out Time Warner to fix it. They came on Sunday at 9 am. They fixed that issue and left. I went to get online and found out the internet wasn’t working. Plus my cable in the office was not working either. Time Warner is normally been good to us, but this time they screwed the pooch.

I finally got everything working on Monday. So far, so good. Man I can’t wait till Lamb of God comes back around when they go on tour again.

Lamb of God Pics From 2007 Tour

Moving Sucks

MovingMoving sucks, just plain sucks. I have spent the better part of a week moving into our new home. The heat down here in S. Texas didn’t make it any easier. In fact I probably sweated out every ounce of body water I had, and that was in just the first two hours.

Nothing went according to plan. We did not finish packing in time for the movers, so they didn’t get everything moved. Still it cost us over $700 for one truck, one load. They took forever loading the truck. They broke a few things, lost a few things.

The cable guy came out Friday to install our internet and cable. They did not have the correct boxes for 3 out of the 4 rooms. He did not install the internet where we needed it. The A/C at the new home barely keeps the house below 82 during the day. There are termites everywhere.

My legs feel like rubber, plus they throb, and my lower back is in so much pain. We still have to unpack everything now. When will this all be over…

But all is not lost, we are together as a family. That is the most important thing to me. My daughter just left a couple hours ago to start her Sophomore year in high school.

The other shinning star is my online business. Even though I did absolutely nothing all weekend, the business kept running. We had many people join our programs. I am so thankful. I do have a major announcement to make. I was made an incredible offer for Social Viral Profits that I could not pass up. I love the site, but with the new direction I am taking my business I felt it was the right time to let her go.

The new owner is going to be great. He has a lot of enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. I am going to be working with him for a while to ensure a smooth transition. SVP is a rising star and will continue to do well. The members are great.

I am going to focus more time on Paranormal Traffic and make it 2nd year in existence the best year yet. The new direction I talked about earlier. is not so much a new direction, but I am refocusing back to creating good training programs. I feel best when I am helping people. I am working on a new course teaching people how to start their first site. It should be ready in the next few weeks.

My affiliate business has always done OK, but I know it can do better, so I am also going to spend time on building that end of my business. Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative if done right. Well this is about it for now. I can only type so much on my iPad Mini. I should have internet up an running sometime today.