Create A Residual Income In Three Easy Steps

I have been online making money since 2003 in various businesses and some of them are hard to earn money in, and some are drop dead easy. The one I am about to tell you about is drop dead easy.

I like to pass on the ones that I find easy to make money with to my readers. It makes me feel good when someone who reads my blog sends me an email telling me they also made money from a program they learned about from reading this blog. In this program I am about to tell you about, you too can start earning a residual income in three easy steps.

  1. Join Lower My RX
  2. Share your affiliate link with others
  3. Leave cards at doctor offices & pharmacies

It’s a simple as that. Will it take some time? Sure it will. Will you get rich doing this? Not right away, and it depends on how many people you get using the card. The main thing you need to do is just give away the Free Rx Card and help others save up to 85% on their medications. Then you get paid a transaction fee on each prescription they get.

Do I need to buy a domain name and hosting? No, everything you need to get started is provided for you at no cost. Now what I do, and what I suggest you do also is buy a pack of 5000 prescription discount cards and place them at doctor offices and pharmacies. This really helps in getting a lot of people using the cards that are coded with your unique group code on each card. This makes sure you get paid for each prescription they purchase.

This is about as easy as it gets with making a residual income. I am thinking about doing a weekly webinar for people who join me in this business. In the webinar I will go over things that are working for me and I will be there to help you make the most out of this business.

  • Highest Commission in the Industry!
    • Earn up to $2.50 every time someone saves using your free cards.
  • Fastest commission payments!
    • No 90 day wait.
  • Your own fully functioning replicated website coded to you as an agent. 
  • Visitors can print your unique cards directly from your website that we provide.
  • Visitors can request your cards by mail directly from your website.
  • Your own unique group code.
  • Access to marketing tools and training.
  • Daily claims and commission statistics.
  • Free private label option.

Join me and others who are making a residual income with Lower My RX.

Here is a video that explains the what Lower My RX is all about.


Join LowerMyRx



Set Your Online Business Apart From Wannabes

So you’ve finally set up your online business. You’ve got your domain name and have a super sweet website. I mean this baby looks sweet, it’s going to make you a bazillion dollars, right? Wrong, you made a super noob mistake. You got shared hosting to host your site.

I can’t tell you how many people make this huge mistake. Don’t get me wrong, shared hosting is fine for a blog, if you don’t mind getting hacked every once in a while. Or you don’t mind your IP getting blacklisted because someone else on that same server is spamming everyone and their grandmother.

Hell, I have a few blogs hosted on a shared server, and I wish I had never opened a shared hosting account. I have more trouble from that shared hosting account. I would never recommend putting your business on a shared hosting account. Sure you’ll save some money upfront, but when you start having issues and have to pay someone to fix it, you wish you’d spent that extra money on your own server.

At the very least you should get VPS hosting from a reputable host to put your business on. I learned that the hard way. I started my own business using shared hosting and I was at the mercy of the other 100 accounts that were also on that server. I will never make that mistake again.

I finally got my head out of you know where and got a VPS from DotBlock. I know some other business owners who use DotBlock and they have yet to have an issue, plus they are one of the best priced VPS providers I found.

Since I have moved over to a VPS my sites load fast, have never been down and just in case support staff is there 24/7 to help me out. Once I called them at 3 a.m. when I had a silly question. They answered it and I was on my way. The great thing about a VPS is as your business grows, you can resize your server to fit your needs. You can scale it up when your expecting a high amount of traffic, then scale it back down once your back to normal.

I know the cost is higher than having a shared hosting account, but the peace of mind is well worth the few extra bucks for a VPS. Check out DotBlock for yourself.

Taking Care of Business

Let me start by saying if you’re going to open a business, take care of your business. Treat it like a business and NOT a hobby. If you want a hobby, then start a hobby. A business is opened to provide goods or services for a fee. If you start a business then there are things you need to be able to do.

  1. Invest in your business
  2. Promote your business
  3. Pay your bills
  4. Reinvest your profits back into your business

The number one thing you must do when you open a business is invest some cash into your business to make it stand out from what other people are doing. If your just going to be like everyone else, why open the business.

Now that you have invested in your business and have it up and running, you are going to want to promote your business. You need to get people to come to your business and join and spend money. You need to promote your business everyday. People have a short memory, so they need to be reminded that your business is here and open.

Pay your damn bills. Nothing will ruin your reputation faster than not paying your bills. If you have an affiliate program and you owe commissions, pay them according to your term and services. If you don’t have specific terms on how you payout commissions then you need to. It needs to be spelled out how your partners are supposed to be paid.

Now you have your business up and running, your getting traffic, making sales, and paying your commissions, you need to reinvest your profits back into your business. What? You mean I can’t spend my money on toys? Nope, for the 1st year or so, you need to reinvest most if not all of your profits back into your business to keep it fresh.

Unless, you are just killing it, making mad profits, then you can spend some of that cash. But make sure your business is properly funded, keep your customer, affiliates happy.

Certainly there is more to running a business, but if you follow those 4 rules, you will be way ahead of most of the crowd.