Build Your Site In Minutes

I have spent a long time looking for an easy way to create a one page website and landing page. There are many platforms available, some expensive, some cheap. I have tried several of them and I just wasn’t happy with the results.

The expensive ones produced great looking sites, but the pricing was so great. Who wants to spend $97 a month for a product you might use once or twice a year? Not me. So my search continued.

I cam across Turbo Site Builder and put it to use. While, it does not have all the bells and whistles I would like, it does the job. So what about the price? The price is ridiculously low at $7 right now. You can create as many sites and landing pages as you’d like for a one time price of $7.

So for all the features it may lack, the price makes up for it in the long run. It creates responsive websites that look great on any cell phone or tablet. I have tested it on my iPhone 6 and it looks amazing.

The creators of the software have made it stupid simple to use. No HTML knowledge is needed, it doesn’t use a database, it’s not WordPress site, you just upload your images and change the default text to your liking.

I have included a demo video and instructions on how to install the software and use it. Nothing could be easier than Turbo Site Builder. Check it out and I will also be providing support for it as well.