An Exciting 2017 So Far


2017 has started out to be a very exciting year. Not only do we have renewed faith in America, but closer to home things have been very good. I am excited about a few things to come this Summer. Our new house has been wonderful. It feels so good to know that the house is ours, we can do anything we want to with it. I can have pets without having to get permission. There is a certain feeling of freedom when you own your own house.

New House

I have had my Harley a year now and love it as much as the 1st day I got it in April 2016. There are a few things that I still want to do to the bike. Like, add a louder exhaust, replace the stock air breather with a high output air breather. I’d also like to add a Vance & Hines Fuelpak to the bike. Al which will run me about $1400.


Harley Davidson

First off, we are headed to Washington D.C. on Monday and will be staying in Mclean, Virginia for a week.I am really excited about this trip. I have never been on the East Coast. My wife has a conference to go to through Wednesday, but after that she is off and we will do some sight seeing.

Then on June 14th, I get to see my all time favorite band, Metallica. They will be coming to San Antonio on their latest tour. I have not seen them since 2003, when I took my wife to see them in Dallas. I have seen them about 10 times over the years.

One of my long time dreams have come to be this year. I finally got an English Bulldog name Sammie. She was born on January 10th. So she’s 4 months old. I am not sure if I plan on breading her or not. This 1st few months have been a bit rough though. Taking her out every morning at 2 a.m. takes its toll, but hopefully soon she will be potty trained.



We also received our Sleep Number bed and that bed is a miracle for my bad back. This is the greatest modern invention. It’s very expensive, but totally worth the $8000. The Zero Gravity setting is amazing. If anyone is thinking about getting one, send me a message and I can give you a special link where you can get a special price on a Sleep Number bed.

Sleep Number

So all in all, 2017 has been a pretty good year so far.