Blog Marketing: Being Seen

BlogHaving a blog and making it known to cyber world is not as easy as it may seem. Many people think that they can write it or build it and they will come. This is not the case at all. Just because you put something out there on the WWW, does not mean that it will be seen by all. There are some things that you can do to ensure that your blog will be seen and seen by many. Blog marketing is really only as hard as you make it.

Building links for your log will definitely help get it out there and get it know. However when you are trying to build a customer base and get your blog known, just a few links are hardly every enough. You will need to continue to work on your blog and get links to it all of the time. The more the better in this case. Also keep in mind the higher authority sites, the more links you can get from the high authority sites, the better off your blog is going to be. Obtaining links is something that you will never stop doing. While you may take a short break, you will never be done.

Adding videos if possible to your blog is also a great technique that you can use for blog marketing. This is because you can then submit your blog to the video directories. So if there are any videos that will fit into the market of your blog it would be to your advantage in the blog marketing world to add them. Then submitting your blog to all of the directories that it would fit in would be a great plus for your blog.

If you have funds for your blog marketing campaign, you should most definitely use those to submit your blog to the paid directories. Google trusts the paid sites, and they know that money was used to get your blog into those sites. They will also use the fact that not all paid directories will take just any site or blog. No matter how much money you have. So, seeing if you can qualify for their blog standards will be something that you can use as well and get you in with the best sites and blogs on the web.

Using a press release as part of your blog marketing is another awesome way that you can get your blog out there. For a fee, you can have a press release written about your blog and then submitted to all of the hot off the press news sites. Your blog will get many hits from a press release and having it linked to these kind of sites will also help the page rank substantially as well. While the cost of all press releases range from the company or person that you have do them, many times they are affordable and will fit easily into a marketing budget that you may have.

Using discussion boards such as forums and message boards with your blog link in your signature is still a great way to get your blog out there and known. Be sure that the message board that you post on is relevant to your blog or chances are that no one will be interested in clicking on your link. Also, if you came off as an expert in your market, you should have no problems attracting new readers to your blog from the use of message board posting. This can also be a great way to market a website and get that out there as well to be seen by the world.

Find other blogs that are in the same market as yours and leave the writers comments. This will take them back to your blog and will also take their readers there as well. Doing this will bring some more traffic and is a great way to get your blog seen.

Post your blog on as many traffic exchanges as you can to get an initial boost of traffic. Place a subscriber form on your home page to get readers to stay up to date with what you are doing. Build your list off your blog.

Follow all of these great tips for easy blog marketing and you will have more readers reading your blog in no time.

Social Viral Profits Joins The Ranks of CTP

CTPThis weekend will mark the first time will do a promotion with We expect a big turn out on Sunday when we host the Submarine Game and the Red Bomb. I am very excited.

If you haven’t noticed has opened it’s doors to anything CTP. We have XP Points, Badges, and now we are hosting their games. CTP is a really cool place to learn about using traffic exchanges. They have a huge training section where you can learn how to use traffic exchanges, autoresponders, collecting badges, tracking, and a lot more.

I only wish I had gotten involved with them earlier when I opened We would be much further along than we are today. But at least we are here now.

I plan on adding CTP to soon. Right now they only give away XP Points, but soon they will have badges and will host games as well.

CTP and the guys at Tim Tech have really helped me along personally with my business and they can help your business as well. Badges aren’t just for traffic exchanges. They can be used on any website. You can use them to get people to subscribe to your blog. If you give out XP Points you can give people XP Points as well to join your site or subscribe to your blog.

There really is no limits on how you can implement CTP into your business. The people at CTP are a great group of people who are always willing to help you out. You can join CTP for free and go through some of their training, but the best value is to upgrade and get all their training. It doesn’t cost much. Here is their link to check out CTP.

Once you get in there and get acclimated to their system, then next step you should take is to upgrade to Kore 4. This gives you 5 upgraded accounts to 5 of their best businesses., which includes 4 traffic exchanges and Click Track Profit.

What you would want to do with your upgraded account is use it to build your business by advertising it in the 4 traffic exchanges, and promote Click Track Profit to earn additional income. That is what I am doing with my Kore 4 membership. Yes I put my money where my mouth is. I don’t recommend anything that costs money unless I am spending money on the same program. This means I have tested it and recommend it.

CTP and Kore 4 are fun to participate in and you will meet great people. Meeting the right people will go a long way in running your business, and who knows you might just make some good friends.


Shon Jimenez