The 10 Cent Outside Tour

  I was getting a little bored unpacking stuff for the house, so I grabbed my Go Pro camera and decided to shoot s hot video showing you the outside of the house we moved into. At least the front of the house. Maybe tomorrow I will shoot the back yard, which I love. The Continue Reading →

10 Cent Tour of Our House

  I have been so busy with this move, and am completely worn out. I have been fighting with the cable company over missing channels and our internet not working. So I thought I would do something different than unpack. I made a quick video of the inside of our house. We still have tons Continue Reading →

Moving Sucks

Moving sucks, just plain sucks. I have spent the better part of a week moving into our new home. The heat down here in S. Texas didn’t make it any easier. In fact I probably sweated out every ounce of body water I had, and that was in just the first two hours. Nothing went Continue Reading →

Juggling Work and Personal Life

The last month has been an emotional rollercoaster for my family. While things have been going great with the online business and my wife doing great at her career, we suddenly found ourselves having to move out of the home we have had since 2009. So the process of finding a new home was daunting Continue Reading →

Commission Machine Review

When I got the email for this product I almost deleted it, but being that I am a huge promoter of affiliate products, I decided to see what it is about. I listened to their pitch and saw how little the cost was for the training and decided to purchase it. They have a few Continue Reading →

Team ProfitPro Entrepreneur of the Week

I am very honored and surprised at being named Entrepreneur of the Week by John Bell at Team ProfitPro. This means a lot to me that they would consider me and take the time to add me to their list of entrepreneurs. I certainly want to thank John Bell and commend him on the things Continue Reading →

Instant Winner

    If your into making money with Amazon, then you will love InstantAzon. I picked this bad boy up the other day with developer rights and had my first site up within 20 minutes. That includes by the domain name and setting up the hosting, site and picking a them, adding the plugin, and Continue Reading →