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I have been online making money since 2003 in various businesses and some of them are hard to earn money in, and some are drop dead easy. The one I am about to tell you about is drop dead easy.

I like to pass on the ones that I find easy to make money with to my readers. It makes me feel good when someone who reads my blog sends me an email telling me they also made money from a program they learned about from reading this blog. In this program I am about to tell you about, you too can start earning a residual income in three easy steps.

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  3. Leave cards at doctor offices & pharmacies

It’s a simple as that. Will it take some time? Sure it will. Will you get rich doing this? Not right away, and it depends on how many people you get using the card. The main thing you need to do is just give away the Free Rx Card and help others save up to 85% on their medications. Then you get paid a transaction fee on each prescription they get.

Do I need to buy a domain name and hosting? No, everything you need to get started is provided for you at no cost. Now what I do, and what I suggest you do also is buy a pack of 5000 prescription discount cards and place them at doctor offices and pharmacies. This really helps in getting a lot of people using the cards that are coded with your unique group code on each card. This makes sure you get paid for each prescription they purchase.

This is about as easy as it gets with making a residual income. I am thinking about doing a weekly webinar for people who join me in this business. In the webinar I will go over things that are working for me and I will be there to help you make the most out of this business.

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  • Access to marketing tools and training.
  • Daily claims and commission statistics.
  • Free private label option.

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Here is a video that explains the what Lower My RX is all about.


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New Orleans Vacation

We are on a mini vacation in New Orleans. Even though it is raining since we arrived, we are still managing to have some fun. Here are some pics of the WW II National Museum. I am not a professional photographer, so be nice.

World War II National Museum & Misc Pics


IMG 0748      IMG 0752      IMG 0749      IMG 0744      IMG 0757      IMG 0759      IMG 0756      IMG 0755      IMG 0844      IMG 0840      IMG 0839      IMG 0838      IMG 0837      IMG 0836      IMG 0835      IMG 0834      IMG 0833      IMG 0831    IMG 0829   IMG 0827  IMG 0826 IMG 0825 IMG 0824 IMG 0823 IMG 0820 IMG 0819 IMG 0818 IMG 0817 IMG 0816 IMG 0815 IMG 0814 IMG 0813 IMG 0812 IMG 0810 IMG 0809 IMG 0808 IMG 0807 IMG 0805 IMG 0804 IMG 0803 IMG 0802 IMG 0801 IMG 0800 IMG 0799 IMG 0798 IMG 0797 IMG 0796 IMG 0795 IMG 0794 IMG 0793 IMG 0792 IMG 0791 IMG 0790 IMG 0789 IMG 0788 IMG 0786 IMG 0785 IMG 0784 IMG 0783 IMG 0782 IMG 0781 IMG 0780 IMG 0779 IMG 0778 IMG 0777 IMG 0776 IMG 0775 IMG 0774 IMG 0773 IMG 0772 IMG 0771 IMG 0770 IMG 0769 IMG 0766 IMG 0765 IMG 0764 IMG 0763 IMG 0762 IMG 0761 IMG 0760


Haunted Tour – Sort Of

We went on a haunted tour, but it was raining so much, they skipped some attractions and we did not get to go inside any of the haunted places. So not so much a haunted tour, more of a haunted history tour.

IMG 0275        IMG 0274        IMG 0273        IMG 0272        IMG 0267        IMG 0263        IMG 0260        IMG 0258        IMG 0257        IMG 0256        IMG 0255        IMG 0253       IMG 0252       IMG 0251       IMG 0250       IMG 0249       IMG 0248


Set Your Online Business Apart From Wannabes

So you’ve finally set up your online business. You’ve got your domain name and have a super sweet website. I mean this baby looks sweet, it’s going to make you a bazillion dollars, right? Wrong, you made a super noob mistake. You got shared hosting to host your site.

I can’t tell you how many people make this huge mistake. Don’t get me wrong, shared hosting is fine for a blog, if you don’t mind getting hacked every once in a while. Or you don’t mind your IP getting blacklisted because someone else on that same server is spamming everyone and their grandmother.

Hell, I have a few blogs hosted on a shared server, and I wish I had never opened a shared hosting account. I have more trouble from that shared hosting account. I would never recommend putting your business on a shared hosting account. Sure you’ll save some money upfront, but when you start having issues and have to pay someone to fix it, you wish you’d spent that extra money on your own server.

At the very least you should get VPS hosting from a reputable host to put your business on. I learned that the hard way. I started my own business using shared hosting and I was at the mercy of the other 100 accounts that were also on that server. I will never make that mistake again.

I finally got my head out of you know where and got a VPS from DotBlock. I know some other business owners who use DotBlock and they have yet to have an issue, plus they are one of the best priced VPS providers I found.

Since I have moved over to a VPS my sites load fast, have never been down and just in case support staff is there 24/7 to help me out. Once I called them at 3 a.m. when I had a silly question. They answered it and I was on my way. The great thing about a VPS is as your business grows, you can resize your server to fit your needs. You can scale it up when your expecting a high amount of traffic, then scale it back down once your back to normal.

I know the cost is higher than having a shared hosting account, but the peace of mind is well worth the few extra bucks for a VPS. Check out DotBlock for yourself.

New Additions To My Business

I have added some new additions to my office/business. I have been working off an iMac that is a 2009 model and although it runs fine, it doesn’t have the latest tech. So I do a lot of shopping at pawn shops, you can always find good deals.

I found a 2015 21in iMac that is practically brand new for $750. It has 8gb ram and a 1 tb hard drive. I also found a 13.3in Macbook Pro for $500 so I grabbed that up as well. That one will go to the wife. I already have a Macbook Pro.

To me those are great deals all day long.

New iMac

When You Know You have The Right Spouse

Ok, the subject line of the post might piss some people off, just know this article is just me having some fun.

I knew the day I married my wife that she was a keeper. So what I am about to say is all in good fun. So, with that said, this is when you now you have met and married the right person.

2016 FLSTC

Yes, my wife bought me a 2016 Harley Davidson Softail Heritage Classic or 2016 FLSTC for those of you who know their Harley’s. I had been wanting one for some time now. So when my wife told me that she was good to go on getting one, I jumped right on it and rode it home (after a long day of paper work and getting the figures just right of course).

It is official, I have the best wife in the world.