3 Mistakes Online Marketers Make

What I am about to share with you is what I have experienced in my 15 years I have had an online business. I have made these mistakes and still do so even today. It’s OK to make mistakes, but learn from those mistakes. Don’t keep repeating them and expect a different outcome. These are in no particular order. Try to do more than one business opportunity at a time Not Building a List Giving Continue Reading →

My Favorite Time Of Year

This is my favorite time of the year. November is a special month for my family. We have four birthdays, my mother Nov 3rd, my wife Nov 9th, mine Nov 25th, and my sisters Nov 26th. Then you smack Thanksgiving in there and it’s a really good month. I love this week. Wednesday we are leaving to go to my mothers and it’s my birthday. Thursday we have Thanksgiving and football,  and Black Friday, Saturday Continue Reading →

Build Your List With Our Free Software

One thing that slows everyone down when it comes to building lists is making a good, quality giveaway. Whether you type into the wee small hours making a report …or have to do take after take trying to get a video just right, it is a laborious process. Good news, then, that Val Wilson has made his latest giveaway listbuilding giveaway available so that anyone can use it to build lists AND make sales. And even better, it’s not just a simple Continue Reading →

One Click Signups

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could put one click signups buttons inside your Tweets? Of course it would. How about if you could put one click signups in your tweets for free? That would be awesome! Well now is your chance. TweetLead is beta testing their new tool and have invited us to get a life-time  free account and start using their tool. So how does it work? 1. Create your Twitter opt-in with Continue Reading →

CTP Sub Game Hosted At My TE’s

Shares Great News! Paranormal Traffic and Social Viral Profits will be hosting the CTP Sub Game coming up on Monday and Tuesday. Here is the schedule: Nov 9th – Social Viral Profits – Green Bomb Nov 10th – Paranormal Traffic – Blue Bomb We had such great results with Paranormal Traffic hosting it this past Tuesday that we wanted to get it back as soon as possible. You need to be a member of Click Continue Reading →

Done For You Blog Solution

Most of us don’t have all the time in the world to develop a site, much less multiple sites. Some of us do have the time. Not sure which category you fall in, but either way I have the solution for those who want to get a site up with all the graphics, videos and some content without having to do all the work. How much time would it save you to have everything already Continue Reading →

Learning Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

I have been online since 2002 and have met all kinds of people in that time. I have ran into some interesting businesses and some down right terrible businesses. I opened my very first website back in late 2002, it was a website that sold custom peddle cars. It did ok, but not as good as I would of liked. Back then I had no idea on how to build a website. I had to Continue Reading →