Dems Jump On Another Shooting Tragedy

When we have a mass shooting you are sure to hear from the democrats, and yesterday there was no shortage of them on TV. Of course the messiah of them all, Obama, said he has had enough and will be on each time there is a shooting like this, calling for more gun control. Do democrats actually have a brain? That’s a serious question. How is enacting more laws going to stop someone from committing Continue Reading →

Say Hello To Zoe

I would like to introduce the newest member of our family, Zoe, pronounced Zo e. She came to us this past weekend. She looks like she wasn’t treated the best. She is underweight and somewhat skittish. We took her for her first walk with us this evening and she had a great time. I have always wanted a husky. I believe she is a mix breed. Her snout seems sort of long. I am taking Continue Reading →

What Can $18 Do For Your Business?

    There are few MLM types of business that I get involved with. I have been burned by many in the past and lost large amounts of money. So when I do get involved with one I make sure it’s money spent that I don’t mind losing. So when I came across this one I decided to give it a go because of the low entry fee of $18. I spend more than that Continue Reading →

Paranormal Traffic’s New Look

  Just wanted to drop a short post about the changes at Paranormal Traffic. We have gone to the new HTML5 design, which is now mobile friendly. The site has completely changed in its look and I think the site will be better for it. A few months ago Google came out with an announcement that websites that want to be ranked well better have a mobile friendly site. So the only way to do Continue Reading →

Automated List Building At It’s Finest

Being an Internet Marketer/Affiliate Marketer building a list is a must. That has been driven into my brain since I started back in 2002. Man, I wish I would have listened to all those people telling me I had to build a list. Part of the problem is I had no idea how to do it right. Sure there are many how-to programs out there that tell you how to build a list, but they Continue Reading →

Fun Weekend in Houston

  I took my wife and daughter to see Slipknot and Lamb of God this past weekend in Houston and had a great time. The music was great. We drove down Friday morning, checked in to a suite and was taken to the concert by the hotel, so we did not have to worry about parking. The show started at 6:20 pm and finished around 11 pm. We have seen those two bands 4 or Continue Reading →

Where Are The Gun Control Nuts Now?

On Friday evening a Harris County Sheriff’s deputy was executed while pumping gas in his patrol car by a coward who had to sneak up behind the deputy and shoot him in the back of the head. Then the coward stood over the deputy and shot him several more times as he laid on the ground. After two days of watching the news coverage, I have not heard one person come out from the left talking Continue Reading →